Interesting list of companies

Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and implementing technological solutions, which prove to be extremely functional and solid, the towbars manufactured by Steinhof company are selected by a growing number of car owners. They are available in fully automatic as well as manual versions.

Goldenfilter papers

Combination of high quality, along with attractive prices of accessories, manufactured by Golden Filter companies, makes them extremely popular in the tobacco industry. Del-Vis and Hawana Tabacco specialize in cigarette filters, tubes, as well as papers, while TabPol is known for numerous varieties of tobacco.

DEL-VIS Sp. z o.o.

Ogrodowa 5,
87-162 Lubicz, Kuyavian-Pomeranian
+48 (56) 678-21-42
Fencing equipment

Safe for people and professional fencing equipment is a specialty of our company. The industry people interested in historical swordsmanship uchodzimy as leaders with the best equipment which training swords, fencing jackets and masks. We invite you to shop online, making it much easier to obtain our equipment to fencing.

SPES Historical Fencing Gear

Gen. Józefa Bema,
87-100 Toruń, kujawsko-pomorskie
+48 (53) 486-23-21
Advertising signs

You do not have to invest vast amounts of money into your promotional campaign to achieve great results. Warmax will prepare for you smaller, simpler advertising signs, which still have amazing potential. They are not only cost-effective, but also highly flexible - virtually every company from every branch of industry can use them. Check the details!


Uxendon hill 66,
HA9 9SL London, Greater London
+48 (79) 200-94-458
Krakow apartments

Cracow apartments, Krakow modern apartments, flats and apartments in Krakow, if someone interested in these things may look on the Internet and regional newspapers. On the Internet, their sites to various offices of the intermediaries in the estate. The road to your M4 is difficult. First you need to procure a loan. Blessed are those who have adequate funds in your account. Then you need to find a suitable broker.

Krakow For You

Szczepańska 3,
31-006 Kraków, Małopolskie
+48 (12) 421-48-35

Air conditioning compressors from Delphi or Denso, compressors for braking systems from Magnetti Marelli or Wabco as well as turbochargers from leading manufacturers (Borg Warner, Mitsubishi and others). Reman-Tec not only distributes new and recon parts, but also specialises in rebuilding of damaged parts.

Reman-Tec Ltd

5 London Road,
SW17 9JR London, Greater London
+48 (74) 484-72-512
Cheap fishing

The season is open! Do not miss a day and prepare your gear (or use the gear prepared for you by Lady Elsie) and go fishing near Tromso. The waters are full of cod, haddock, ling, sand dab and numerous other species. You may also choose other activities, such as watching the Northern Lights or whales.

Tromso Angling & Whale Watching Adventures

Sjøtunvegen 481,
9108 Kvaløya, Troms
+48 (+4) 747-89-5864
Mex Furniture : High gloss sideboard

Modern style is extremely popular nowadays, thus the need to find the best furniture of this type constantly grows. MEX is an online store with, for instance, high gloss sideboard, which will perfectly blend in with your living, dining room or any other place you wish to put it. Check available colours and models!

For people unsuccessfully struggling with obesity, modern medicine has developed innovative solutions, which help them effectively loose unnecessary body fat. Adjustable gastric band can be places abroad, in Top-Medics Poland, where you can find professional team of doctors and affordable prices. See more!

Top-Medics Poland

Płocka 4/112,
02-231 Warszawa, mazowieckie
+48 (53) 091-38-13
Warehouse Poland -

In order to quickly find the best place to develop your company, contact one of the largest and the most reliable real estate companies in the world - Cushman & Wakefield. Our specialists will help you find a perfect warehouse in Poland for lease, they are at your disposal during renegotiation process and always suggest the best solution for your business.

Cushman & Wakefield Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Pl. Piłsudskiego 1,
00-078 Warszawa, woj. Mazowieckie
+48 (22) 820-20-20
Esl milk

To minimize the costs and improve the efficiency, more and more companies are employing the blow mold technology and choose machines developed by SMF company from Germany. They allow to create durable, hygienic and aesthetic containers for e.g. extended shelf life (ESL) milk. See more on our website!

NOVOL Sp. z o.o. - Tennis court surface

One of the most demanding NOVOL customers, are professional sport facilities. However, the quality and durability of e.g. tennis court surface, has gained appraisal of professionals choosing only the best solutions. Visit our website, where you can find out more about materials used as well as structure of our products.

NOVOL Sp. z o.o.

ul. Żabikowska 7/9,
62-052 Komorniki, woj. wielkopolskie
+48 (61) 810-98-00
Wireless HDMI sender

Currently a growing number of systems use cable solutions, choosing instead their wireless counterparts. The CDS-5HD TV developed by experienced CAMSAT company specialists, is a wireless HDMI sender, which guarantees fantastic, high definition quality and reliable work in various conditions. Its technical parameters are presented on the website.


Ogrodowa 2a,
86-050 Solec Kujawski, Kujawsko-Pomorskie
+48 (52) 387-10-97
Long span cable trays

The offer created by BAKS company consists of a variety of carrying systems for different kinds of cables (for example pneumatic, water, power etc.). Visit the website to find out more about the offer, which includes e.g. long span cable trays, ladders, subfloor and wall channels and many more products!


Jagodne 5,
05-480 Karczew, mazowieckie
+48 (22) 710-81-00

In the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), Magnusson law firm is one of the best, the most appreciated companies providing professional legal services for various entrepreneurs, as well as public institutions. The company is characterized by deep understanding of each country's culture and guarantees the highest quality of services.


Bielańska 12,
00-085 Warszawa, Mazowieckie
+48 (22) 257-83-00
Basketmania Basketball shoes

The offer created by Basketmania online store includes a wide variety of basketball shoes from the best brands on the market, such as Jordan or Nike. Every fan or even a professional player can find here the highest quality products perfectly meeting their needs. So do not wait and visit the website now!


ul. ul. Hallera 15,
83-200 Starogard Gdański, woj. Pomorskie
+48 (50) 194-41-43,rotary_sieve_-__wedge_wire_drum_screen/

The vast experience and constant development of Progress Eco S.A. company, allows it to offer a wide diversity of high quality products based on wedge wire screen. These include, for example durable rotary sieve, applied to separate solid particles and liquids. Choose this or one of many other products presented on the website.

Progress Eco

ul. Dobrów 7,
28-142 Tuczępy, woj. Świętochrzyskie
+48 (15) 864-62-70

MDD is a factory producing not only elegant, but also durable and functional furniture for offices. Thanks to a wide variety of designs and constantly developed production potential, we are able to answer virtually every demand and need of a vast number of our customers. Visit the website where all the details are included.

Carlex Design

Your car needs new upholstery? You are not satisfied with standard, typical solutions? Carlex Design is the company you are looking for. We specialize in creating leather car interior, which amazes even the most demanding specialists in the area. To find out more visit the company website and check the included gallery.

Carlex Design ™

Bolesława Prusa 10,
43-300 Bielsko-Biała, śląskie
+48 (33) 811-95-02
Śrem S.A. - ductile iron Eastern Europe

In Central and Eastern Europe "Srem" S.A. is one of the best manufacturers of castings, produced of such materials, as alloy, nodular or ductile iron. Over many years of constant development the company has managed to prepare an offer, which meets the expectations of various, even the largest customers.

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